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Required Topics and Sub-Topics-

In each topic we should add a summary
1-Slavery in the American Colonies
-Slave auctions(s)
-Transportation of slaves(a)
-The capture of slaves(l)
-How often were slaves sold? With or without their families?(s)
-How did slaves react to being sold? Did they like chaging, or would they like the same enviornment?(a)
2-The Growth of Slavery in the 1800's
-Slavery statistics(l)
-How did the growth affect slaves that were already in America?(s)
-Why did slavery grow?(a)
-When were slaves freed?(l)
3-Lives of Slaves in the Antebellum America (Sara)
-Slaves in the Revolutionary and Civil War
-How were house slaves treated compared to field slaves? Why?
-Relationships between slaves and their masters
4-Slave Culture (Addie)
-Music: Different instruments and drums
-other cultures brought from Africa?
-How did slave culture differ from their culture in Africa.
5-Resistance to Slavery (Lauren)
-Running Away
-How did Slaves take advantage of the Underground Railroad? How else did they run away?
-Revolts, important revolts in history
-Songs and Codes
-Resisting Punishment- branding, whipping, etc
-What was it like a slave to runaway?