Music was an important influence for the African slaves. Their spirtituals gave them confidence and hope; they brought the slaves closer together. Their music has influenced a lot of music today like jazz. They had some instruments, but they had to make them usually with the resources around them. The slaves used drums and shekeres. Their music would have hidden codes within them. These hidden messages represented their religion, their feelings, running away, and everything else that would go on in their lives. These are reasons why music is an important part of the slaves' culture.

These are the lyrics to the song Look Down That Long, Lonesome Road:
My time, time so long. (hah)

Look down, (hah) look down,
That long, lonesome road,
where you (hah) and I, I must go.

Stand back, stand back
All you five [and] ten cent men:
Dollar man knocking on, on my door.

Hattie Bell, Hattie Bell,
O she's my own, own true love,
Darlin', what have, have I done?

Slaves practiced different religions. Depending on their master, they may or may not go to a place of worship. A lot of slaves would worship a Supreme Creator. Most slaves converted to Christianity though, because they believed that it was their ticket to freedom. Some slaveowners even bribed their slaves to convert religions for freedom, but this was later outlawed. Slaves were also superstitious.
A church for slaves to attend

Education was not allowed for the slaves, but it was practiced occasionally. The slave owners believed that if their slaves knew how to read or write, or both, they would be able to communicate with others and possibly escape. If someone knew how to read or write they would try and teach as many people as they could so that they could record and document their experiences.
A document written by a slave

Marriage was practiced and was a part the slave culture. To officially be married you had to jump over a broom backwards. This would make your marriage official and you would be married until the other would die or be sold.
Showing slaves jumping over a broom backwards to get married

There were many differences in the African and American cultures. The laws in Africa were way different in the laws in America. This made the cultures within the two countries different for the African Americans. Not as much slavery occurred in Africa, but there was also a fright that you might be taken and brought to America. Both cultures had that horror. Life in America was much harder because slaves were considered someone elses property and most of them were treated so terribly. Life was way different.